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Colourful Sunset

Let’s keep it light for today.  I am not good with the overly Dramatic, anyway.


Though this sunset isn’t anything extra special, I do love the more bold colours which appear in it–not too common around here.  May it add a little brightness to your day/evening, sans drama:-).


One Common Thread

What or who is it that we Admire?

Over my lifetime, I have admired many different people and many different situations.  I think we all have.  For me, the common thread in all upon introspection is those or that which are authentic.  Plain and simple.  It it the single most quality that I look for in others and in things around me.  Especially now. Read More…

Narrow Palm Tree


Another day in paradise for this Narrow, palm tree set next to the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I can picture myself there again in a heartbeat.  Meanwhile, I will enjoy the memories of it and the magnificent view, as I hope you do.

May your coming week be extra warm and sunny:-).

The Two Parts of ‘Crises’


Well, I could write about the kinds of crises that one endures in their lifetime and/or some of which I have faced personally, as we all have had to do and still will, I’m sure. But, instead I’m going to keep this one short and more to the positive side, I hope. (I don’t want you to have to face a crisis simply in reading this:-). Read More…

The Allure of Elusive

Elusive.  Mysterious. Hard to figure out or find. By my own definition, anyway. That which is considered elusive also seems to intrigue, doesn’t it? It’s kind of an interesting concept. Maybe because of our natural curiosity, much like that of our feline companions, which are often described as elusive. Cats, people, words, lost keys, paintings, the ‘Caramilk secret’, the notion of “BigFoot”, a Lotto win—all of these things could fit under today’s word prompt, along with many others that I’m sure have crossed your mind. Undoubtedly, the list could go on. But, let’s look more closely at one which is quite obvious. Fire. Read More…

The Mind–One’s Own Private Sanctuary

It’s likely not a secret that everyone has the their very own Sanctuary that they can escape to anytime or anyplace, just as I am right now in writing this. That’s the beauty of our minds. They can take you anywhere you want to go. Just think it, imagine it and it’s there. What’s better yet for me today is that I just happen to be extra fortunate in that my ‘place’ is in amongst some of the grandest, oldest rock formations in the Earth’s history. Not too shabby, I would say. Read More…

Time to Tell About Telling Time

Clocks. A few people are obsessed with them and/or maybe even collect them, especially antiques, but for the majority of us I’m guessing that we don’t think much consciously about them. I mean, they are obviously used every day, as our lives tend to be dictated by time and schedules. So much so, that sometimes we try to escape both and likely wish that clocks did not exist. I know that the older I am getting, the less I try to live my life dictated by time, but it is something that I am always reminded of nonetheless—when I look in the mirror, when I can’t keep up in flipping the calendar pages, when the sun’s position in the sky changes, when the seasons show themselves, when I see my parents aging, etc. Even though I no longer wear a watch in the hopes of evading its grasp, time does not stand still. Regardless of what’s going on in one’s life, the world around us keeps ‘ticking’ along, whether we want it to or not. It always has and it always will, even when we are no longer around. The funny thing is that as I sit here, I can suddenly recount the various clocks that we owned while I was growing up, as well as some more recent experiences with them. If you have time;-), I think I’ll share a few, which maybe you can relate to. Read More…

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