A Not-So Smooth Piece About Everything Smooth


When I think of all things Smooth, much comes to mind.  Everything from the surface of some well-polished rocks to the taste of a good ‘ol Carribean rum, whose warmth you can feel right down to your toes with one little sip.  Indeed, a lot of things could be described as smooth, including words.  Everyone’s heard of smooth talkers.  I think we have all known one of those, or maybe we are one?  And, then there’s the famous ‘Smoothie’ drinks that seem to have made a lasting debut given the number of outlets that now sell them.  Every flavour imaginable with my personal favourite being strawberry and banana.  Hmmmm…I can taste it now.  Transitions of all sorts can be smooth, depending on how well-planned they are, as can trips as one often comments on the ‘smoothness’ of their flights.  Floors and walls usually have a flat, even surface, which interior decorators love to use as a canvas to add ‘sass and flair’ to a particular space.  (A skill that I do not possess, by the way, but completely admire in others.)  Our own skin has references to smooth.  You know, ‘smooth as a baby’s bum’ in which case I think I need to apply more lotion to achieve that noble status.  I know that we personally aspire to have road surfaces to drive on that are smooth, though in our neck of the woods where we have four distinct seasons with everything from -40 to +40 degree temperatures that appears to be a lofty goal, as we bumble along down the pavement weaving this way and that to avoid bottoming out on the never-ending litany of potholes.  Then, there are glass and mirrors which have a glossy finish.  Maybe what they each reflect is not so smooth, but they can sometimes make it look good.  Mind you, come to think of it, I don’t care for the gentle folds that appear around my eyes upon reflection, but I guess that is a whole other story.  Flower petals, like the pink ones above, often have a soft, satiny feel similar to the feel of the ears of my late four-pawed companion, Duke.  Boy, I miss those ears…and the rest of him whose presence brought a sense of ‘smoothness’ to my every day.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the memory of him, along with those gorgeous pink petals.

Just yesterday, my husband and I were commenting on the seemingly glass-like surface of a nearby man-made lake, as it glistened in the beaming sun.  At first glance, you would swear that you could walk on it, which would be a sight to be seen, wouldn’t it?!  But, I’ll leave that one for someone else to try seeing as how I do best on water when I am in a boat.  Certainly the texture of ice cream is known to be smooth and creamy, as it flickers and melts on your welcoming tongue…well, if you manage to let it linger, anyway.  Paper that you write on usually feels smooth against that soft spot of your hand as you move swiftly across its surface with a pen, pencil or felt tip in tow.  Even the nature of the writing instrument itself can be identified as being easily flowing or not.  I know that fresh cotton sheets, like the ones that I am drying right now, tend to have an invitingly even texture.  Afterall, who doesn’t love to jump into bed with newly laundered linens smelling of that familiar outdoor fresh scent?  The first night is the best, isn’t it?  I cannot wait!  In fact, I might even turn in early tonight just because.  Speaking of sleep, I cannot have a steady one without the even hum of a fan lulling me off to dreamland.  Now, does it become a bit cumbersome to have to travel with such an item just so that I can have a few zzz’s?  Yes, but it’s well worth it, along with my blue, velvety-padded sleep mask that keeps all things dark and quiet in my mind.

Gee, I guess if you really stop and think about it, smooth is everywhere!  It’s all around us.  You just have to look for it, taste it, feel it, smell it and listen for it, in which case I best let you get to it!  I know that I am just getting started. “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, with one wonderful word prompt courtesy of WordPress.com and the infamous Dr. Seuss.


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