Some Days Feel Like a Circus

Time going ’round and ’round–similar to a 3-ring circus!

Twenty-four hours in a day.  Take away part of that for sleeping (hopefully) and you are left with what feels like an absolute full-on circus (not necessarily bad, just busy!) for the other sixteen to eighteen hours.  Especially work days, though weekends with young ones can be a challenge also.  And, let’s face it, it’s easier to juggle things some days versus others. Being a ringmaster in one’s life tends to take on a life of its own, if we allow it.  Here, there…this, that….here, there…this, that….around and around we go.

I would venture to say that in society in general these days, things have become increasingly more busy than ever before.  At times, I think it would have been a much simpler life to have lived in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s like my grandparents did.  No doubt about it that physically speaking, their work was much more difficult than most of ours, but in a way, living off of the land the way they did, seems a lot less complicated in so many other ways.  While we have created a life of many conveniences for ourselves over the past hundred years, it has become somewhat inconvenient in the sense that it has created more choice, more possibilities, more decisions, more events, more things–more that requires more of our time and attention.   Do you know what I mean?  That being said, would I really like to go back to the days when laundry was handwashed, most food was handmade from scratch (tasty and healthy, but A LOT of work for twelve children, as was the case for my grandma), outside chores were a constant, walking everywhere regardless of the snow and cold (prevalent here in Canada) was a necessity, etc.?  Honestly, probably not.  But, I do see the value in how time was spent.  More often than not, our time is spent going from here to there, and there to here; whereas in previous generations time was spently mostly in the ‘here’.  Going ‘there’ back then was a big trip.  Maybe only for a momentous occasion.  If ‘there’ was even an option.

Just remember that you are the ringmaster in your own life and similar to a real circus, there is time in between acts; albeit, not much in some instances, but there is always the intermission to look forward to and I would highly advise taking in the popcorn, cotton candy and soda that comes with it (okay, well only every now and again from a physical health perspective, but certainly an important piece mentally).  The point is that we have to make sure we recognize that in order to participate in the next act, the downtime is imperative; otherwise, the three rings become two, then one, then none. None means zero, non-existent.  Not what we are hoping for, right?!  Hence, my reason for typing out this blog at this very moment.  Downtime.  Me time.  Hopefully, your reading this is, ‘You time’.  Re-charge time.  For the next act.  For the next show.  God-willing.  See ya at the intermission.  I’ll be munching on my bucket of freshly popped corn–hold the extra butter.image

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