Dreams of Chocolate…


That’s fair, isn’t it?!   To say that I dream of chocolate.  It’s true, you know.  Well, I guess one could argue that it would be considered more of a craving than anything, but I sure do think about it a lot.  And dreams really are just subconscious thoughts, aren’t they?  If I think about chocolate a lot consciously, then I can only assume that I must do so a lot subconsciously.  Just the word itself elicits a certain mouth-watering sense of satisfaction, never mind the mounds of research that associates chocolate with the release of seratonin and other feel good things.  In that regard, it is a well-known fact that seratonin not only helps to regulate mood, but also a plethora of other bodily functions, including…you guessed it…the sleep-wake cycle:  Thereby, further proof of my argument that chocolate is worthy of being in the dream category.  Not to mention that a quick google search on the subject, as was done for the image above, quickly brings up numerous possibilities.  

Now, I should clarify that it’s not as though I haven’t been fortunate enough to realize other dreams in my life such that I don’t have anything more meaningful to write about because I have certainly been blessed in that department.  Everything from my childhood dream of a certain career, in which I have now celebrated my twentieth anniversary, to my dreams of travel as a young adult, which I have done a fair bit of thus far, to the desire as a nearing middle-aged woman to meet and marry my one true love, which I did a few short years ago.  All dreams come true for me?  Yes, there is no doubt about it.  Though, I am still working on the lottery one, as some of you can probably relate.  Meanwhile, I am living the day-to-dream and this blog is just another example of something that I have always wanted to do and now am.

I could go on about personal dreams that have gratefully come to fruition, and how I have often celebrated them with chocolate, but I prefer to keep this post on a bit of a lighter note for today.  Besides which, I am thinking that I am not alone in my whimsical interpretation of the word dream.  Certainly, I know that I am NOT alone when it comes to my affinity for everything chocolate, that’s for sure.  Even my husband shares in the beauty of it, and I dare say that men aren’t usually as smitten with it as we women are.  Everything about chocolate is dreamy to me, and the best part about it is that it can pretty much transform into anything that you want it to be.  How many things or times in life can that be true for?  You can eat it plain, melt it, drizzle it, bake it, boil it, sandwich it, whip it, decorate with it–you name it.  Of course, there is also the whole trend of dark chocolate vs. milk and white chocolate, but I am not the least bit discriminatory when it comes to which flavour is best.  I will happily indulge in ALL of them:-)  In fact, I haven’t met a piece of chocolate that I haven’t yet liked.  I can even make bittersweet chocolate work when times are tough.  You know, those infamous yellow and silver bags of tiny little chips that are intended for baking, but good for snacking if it comes down to it.  Now, if I had a dollar for everyone of those chocolatey morsels that I ate, I wouldn’t have to worry about the aforementioned hopeful lottery win.  I’d be a gazillionaire by now, in which case I would even be able to bathe in those darling little chipits if I so desired.  ‘Hmmm……………………………… oh right, gotta finish this blog first.’  Anyway…see what I mean?  Off to dreamland again with the mere mention of the word chocolate.  ‘Ahhhh!’

Take this weekend, for example.  Here in Canada, today is a holiday.  It is known as Victoria Day, a well-celebrated occasion especially by those of who love to camp and/or head to the lake for the first trip of the season.  True to form each year it seems, the weather NEVER cooperates as was the case again.  So much so, that between the pouring rain and cold temperatures, we opted out and have enjoyed a cozy weekend indoors, not that we each haven’t camped in worse before.  Either we are getting more wimpy the older we get, or perhaps just more wise.  I’d like to think the latter.  My point is that, on a cool, drizzly weekend such as this, who wouldn’t love some freshly made, warm, gooey ‘cocoa-y’ goodness?  I sure won’t pass it up, that’s a guarantee.  And so, the baker in me (something I also love to do in my spare time along with blogging, camping, shopping and gardening) decided to use up some of those infamous black-speckled bananas just a wasting away on the kitchen counter to create an ever-popular and beloved muffin–banana chocolate chip with my secret ingredient of finely shredded coconut.  An intoxicating combination!  As far as dreams realized, I don’t think that you can get much better than this.  Not at the present moment, anyway.  The tantalizing pictures below are my results from today’s earlier baking session.  I might just have to have another before I drift off to sleep later this evening.  Afterall, studies prove that it helps induce zzzz’s and….delectable dreams.  May yours be sweet too!

Before (with necessary taste test)




Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins











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10 thoughts on “Dreams of Chocolate…

    1. So great! I love that….I even celebrated writing this post with a piece of…you guessed it–chocolate! If I could pass you a muffin through the screen, I would:-) Maybe I need to create a ‘blog it, bake it and mail it to you’ site?

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  1. Just so you know, that picture at the top cracks me up. Poor model guy. I bet he didn’t realize when he woke up that morning that some crazy photographer would have him dip his hand in chocolate and tell him, “Okay now! I want you to lick the chocolate off seductively.” It just cracks me up! (Maybe I’m just a little weird.) 😀

    And yes. Chocolate is awesome stuff. True fact.


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