Me? Sing? Not In Tune.

I literally burst out laughing when I first saw today’s word daily prompt challenge about singing.  I guess because the word ‘sing’ instantaneously reminds me that I can’t!  And, I am not afraid to admit it..the beauty of aging and realizing one’s weaknesses.  I mean, I love to sing, but I cannot carry a tune to save my life.  Not even close!  I love music, many genres in fact, but I am a better music listener than I am a music singer.  The sad part is that even as listener, I am not great in the sense that I am terrible for remembering words, the names of songs and artists.  My versions of what I think I hear have been rather entertaining over the years, needless to say.  All I know is that when I am listening to something, it either ‘sings’ out to me or it doesn’t and if it does, you will likely pull up next to me in traffic watching, and maybe even hearing, me belt out a tune completely off key, but loving every minute of it.  Good music certainly lights up my soul, as it does for most people, but it doesn’t seem to elicit the necessary tone from my apparently out-of-tune wind pipes.  And, as far as artists and song titles go, they seem to graze right past me.  I would be horrible at playing the game, “Name That Tune” from way back when and if Alex Trebek had a music category on the infamous “Jeopardy“, I would lose out for sure.  (Actually, any category on that gameshow would leave me penniless truth be told, as trivia is not my strong suit AT ALL, but that is a whole other story.)  Of course, nowadays, most vehicles have some pretty groovy technology that enables song recognition of radio tunes, etc., but even with that, I seem not to pay due attention.  Probably because I am too busy singing my little heart out at every turn of the dial.  Did I mention that I do like to sing?  (It’s just that singing doesn’t seem to like me:-)

When it comes to buying music, I am still the old-fashioned kind who likes to visit a ‘real’ store rather than download stuff from iTunes.  There is something about putting my hands on an actual CD and handing over money (yes actual dollars, not plastic–shocking, I know) if I deem it to be a worthy soundtrack.  The funny part is that I am one of those gals who usually has to walk up to the counter, try humming the tune I like (I know better than to attempt singing in public) because, of course, I don’t know the chorus, song name or its artist.  The truly remarkable part is that each and every time that I have had to do that, the person on the other side of the cash register,  usually much younger and hipper than I often sporting long hair and multiple piercings, has managed to guess which song it is that I am supposedly humming about.  What I want to know is, do the people working at these stores take a specific training course targeted at honing in on this highly specialized skill of interpreting one’s vocal hums?  They must!  And, kudos to them because the course or whatever it is that they do, aside from being music lovers, clearly has a 100% success rate.  At least when dealing with me, anyway.  Thank goodness too, as otherwise I would be music ‘less’ except for the good ol’ radio and all of the talk/ads that go with.

Sometimes, at night, when my husband and I are hanging out and ‘jibber jabbering’ away about life, a topic will inspire us to look up music videos on “YouTube” and we end up reminiscing over past people, places or stories that various songs elicit.  Other times, we find ourselves resorting to taking in the never-ending list of reality singing shows on T.V. these days.  Either way, both usually result in my infamous attempts at ‘warbling’ out select words or phrases, as my husband likes to term it.  I prefer to think of my ability to yodel like no other as a real life talent.  I mean, there are times when he actually asks me to sing a certain part of a song for him, so it must be good, right?!  Okay, so maybe he is just looking for a good laugh at my expense, but I usually end up being a more than willing participant.  In fact, I end up ‘splitting a gut’ over it myself by the time all is said and done.  How can you not?  I am just that bad.  But, sometimes it feels good to be bad, doesn’t it?!  Well, I don’t seem to mind anyway.  I was born as a breech baby and so was he;  because of that, I am convinced that neither one of us balk at the chance to make the other laugh or show our goofy sides.  Life is just too darn short not to!

On a somewhat related note (catch my pun?), I would like to end this post about singing with two of my favourite Hawaiian-like songs that bring a smile to my face every time I listen to them.  I hope they do the same for you, as you listen and picture me warbling at the top of my lungs.  Enjoy!!

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole courtesy of YouTube

Early version of “Riptide” by Vance Joy courtesy of YouTube



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