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Some Days Feel Like a Circus


Time going ’round and ’round–similar to a 3-ring circus!

Twenty-four hours in a day.  Take away part of that for sleeping (hopefully) and you are left with what feels like an absolute full-on circus (not necessarily bad, just busy!) for the other sixteen to eighteen hours.  Especially work days, though weekends with young ones can be a challenge also.  And, let’s face it, it’s easier to juggle things some days versus others. Being a ringmaster in one’s life tends to take on a life of its own, if we allow it.  Here, there…this, that….here, there…this, that….around and around we go. Read More…


Creating Order in a Disorderly Fashion and…Hamburgers



Fits into this post, I promise….


Now, this is a touchy topic because some people vehemently dislike order or at least claim to, yet there are numerous examples in our everyday lives which are dictated by order:  Language, numbers, time, line-ups, roadways, petals on a flower, TV channels, the court system, sports, construction of buildings, maps, government, etc. to name a few.  While I expect some of you might be able to argue against some of my aforementioned examples, I think the fact of the matter is that society in general is based on order and without it, we might be looking at a situation similar to the book, “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.  (Gee, finally a chance to reference a school-based piece of knowledge which, at the time that I was ‘ordered’ to study it, I’d have thought there would have been absolutely no use for reading it, but here I sit three decades plus later, proven wrong.)  Anyway…I believe Golding’s famous tale to be a fair reference whether or not you wish to believe it. Read More…

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…



An almost ‘time-like’ piece, with no minutes or hours..


Many people wait for many things.  Sometimes waiting is good, sometimes it is not.  Depends what follows the wait, right?!  I bet that each of us has spent countless hours in wait time over the course of our lives…well, if you are in the middle-aged group, anyway.  One thing I am sure that we can all agree on is that waiting is definitely a test of patience, and I think it’s fair to say that some of us have more patient bones in our bodies than others.  In true-to-form Gemini style, I will readily admit that I have a great deal of perseverance in some areas and next to none in others.   Read More…

Spare a Minute…It’s Worth It!


An intriguingly illuminated cloud from ‘within’–maybe a hint for us to do the same?


When I saw this cumulus cloud outside our den window, I did my best to capture its briefly luminous nature.  It was one of the neatest, most simple, yet inviting views that I have ever experienced.  Like a slice of heaven that just opened up itself to one instance in time and I was fortunate enough to have been there to witness it.  It leaves one wondering how many other moments there are out there for us to participate in, if we allow ourselves a spare minute to really take a look at our surroundings?  To be present in time.  To enjoy what is.

To fully encapsulate the meaning of spare, I am going to intentionally allow this illuminated cloud and my sparing words to speak for themselves as a tribute to this week’s photo-challenge with a few final thoughts…

Does this post remind you of when you last you allowed yourself the opportunity to stop, breathe and take in such a glimmer of time?  Or, is it a reminder that you need to do so more often to illuminate your soul?  Either way, I would love to hear from YOU about the feelings that it elicits in you or about one of your enlightening moments in time.

Until then.


Dreams of Chocolate…


That’s fair, isn’t it?!   To say that I dream of chocolate.  It’s true, you know.  Well, I guess one could argue that it would be considered more of a craving than anything, but I sure do think about it a lot.  And dreams really are just subconscious thoughts, aren’t they?  If I think about chocolate a lot consciously, then I can only assume that I must do so a lot subconsciously.  Just the word itself elicits a certain mouth-watering sense of satisfaction, never mind the mounds of research that associates chocolate with the release of seratonin and other feel good things.  In that regard, it is a well-known fact that seratonin not only helps to regulate mood, but also a plethora of other bodily functions, including…you guessed it…the sleep-wake cycle:  Thereby, further proof of my argument that chocolate is worthy of being in the dream category.  Not to mention that a quick google search on the subject, as was done for the image above, quickly brings up numerous possibilities.   Read More…

Me? Sing? Not In Tune.

I literally burst out laughing when I first saw today’s word daily prompt challenge about singing.  I guess because the word ‘sing’ instantaneously reminds me that I can’t!  And, I am not afraid to admit it..the beauty of aging and realizing one’s weaknesses.  I mean, I love to sing, but I cannot carry a tune to save my life.  Not even close!  I love music, many genres in fact, but I am a better music listener than I am a music singer.  The sad part is that even as listener, I am not great in the sense that I am terrible for remembering words, the names of songs and artists.  My versions of what I think I hear have been rather entertaining over the years, needless to say.  All I know is that when I am listening to something, it either ‘sings’ out to me or it doesn’t and if it does, you will likely pull up next to me in traffic watching, and maybe even hearing, me belt out a tune completely off key, but loving every minute of it.  Good music certainly lights up my soul, as it does for most people, but it doesn’t seem to elicit the necessary tone from my apparently out-of-tune wind pipes.   Read More…

Jubilance in Kona


Nature’s beauty in bloom roadside, Kona, HI


Have you ever heard of anyone who has visited Hawaii and returned only to say how much they hated it there?   I highly doubt it…at least, not where we are from here in Canada.  In fact, I would venture to guess that it is one of the most highly sought after vacation spots in the world, certainly the western world.  I, personally, have been fortunate enough to have holidayed there five times in my life thus far, with trip number six around the corner.  I first visited the island of Oahu as a child at aged seven, after my mom finally convinced my dad to take a much needed family vacation.  Of course, as a youngster, the island’s jubilance did not really impact me at all other than the fact that it had neat trees, palms as they were, and nice weather compared to back home.  But, having never been on an airplane before, the trip itself was just as exciting as the destination to me, and as an animal lover, my fondest memory of that trip was of the little striped, grey kitten that I befriended in the hotel’s lobby.  (Well, I also remember my mom being petrified of cockroaches and frequently fluffing the sheets to ensure that there were none lazing about in our beds, in addition to her high-pitched scream as we came across a lizard in the parking lot outside…but, I digress.)   Read More…

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