Our Largest Star on Earth-The Sun


When contemplating what or who I admire for this week’s WordPress blog challenge, my husband quickly answered, “The Sun”.  At first, I thought, ‘Hmmm’, but then I soon realized that he was onto something.  Afterall, it is the centre of our solar system and while it has gotten a lot of negative press over the past few years for its harmful, damaging rays, it is what keeps us all going.  Without it, we would not be here.  The silent beauty of it is that it is what ‘rises’ and ‘sets’ each night on our horizon, and it is what breathes life and energy into all living things.  When the Sun ‘comes out’ so to speak, everyone seems happier, things seem brighter, challenges seem less daunting and the unreachable becomes reachable whether it’s the middle of summer or winter.  You can have a cold, wintry day, experience a few minutes of sunlight, and have a whole new perspective on an otherwise dreary prospect.  In this sense, I would venture to say that just the notion of the Sun can ‘make or break’ your day, literally.

My husband and I strive to take time each and everyday to acknowledge the small things in life, and guess what is often at the heart of those ‘stop and smell the roses’ moments?  The daily sunrises and sunsets. In fact, my husband, an amateur photographer, loves to shoot landscapes with sunrise/sunset in mind.  So much so, in fact, that he recently signed up for a work conference just so that he could have an opportunity to go to the local mountains to capture some hopeful examples of each, in amongst some of his favourite locales.  As further proof of our love for all things sunny, though not photographed in the mountains, the picture I chose for my own blog page and this challenge is reminiscent of a recent sunset that he took on our very own property.  While he does not like the picture because of its lack of lustre and affect, I happen to love all of the foreground texture and the warm, orangey inviting hues in the sky.  A gorgeous example of how one moment in time can reflect the earthly goodness of the Sun.

In addition to admiring the Sun’s offerings in our daily life, we specifically planned our special wedding day with the Sun in mind, as do many people these days.  Here, I am not just talking about the hope that the day will turn out nice weather-wise, which is likely everyone’s desire.  Instead, I am referring to a beach wedding in Hawaii, planned soley around sunset, so that we could look back on the momentous occasion with fond memories of the people, the place and….that beautiful, chameleon-like star named, The Sun!  So, how did it all turn out?  It was simply A-mazing!  The day was everything that we could have wanted and more, and the pictures reflect exactly that.  Who could wish upon a great star such as it for anything else?

I think that one of the things that I like most about the Sun is that it does not demand anything of us…it just is!  Much like a faithful dog or companion, it is always there whether or not we see it with our own eyes or feel its heat against our bare skin.  After billions of years of existence, it hasn’t given up on us the way others have, and do, and it does not purposely throw its power around.  Bad rap or not, it continues to shine when possible and offers us hope, when it seemingly does not exist otherwise.  For those reasons and more, how can one not love and admire the Sun?!

I dare say that one’s sense of Admiration is subjective and whether or not you agree in this instance, I think that you will have no choice but to acknowledge the fact that without the Sun, you would not be here to admire it or anything else for that matter.  For that reason alone, it is worthy of some attention, isn’t it?  I think so!

May your day be sunny, your smile be wide and your eyes hopeful!



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