Rutabagas, Wine, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and a Jelly Roll

How do these things relate, and why would one wish to write about them, you may ask?  Well, this blog, albeit a little strange, was inspired by my brother-in-law.  So, Chris….this one is for you, as promised.

imageAs part of our pre-dinner talk last night, along with an open bottle of wine (which was delicious, by the way–hence, the wine part of my title), I explained to my in-laws that I had begun writing a blog.  My brother-in-law, unsure of what a blog was, inquired about its nature and how to access it.   After a briefing from my husband in answer to those questions, my sister-in-law then proceeded to ask what kind of things I write about, to which I answered, “Random (everyday) things”.  “Like vegetables?”, Chris asked.  Of course, my husband couldn’t resist blurting out, “Yah, like Rutabagas”.  And, so comes the rutabaga part of the title. Of course, being a Gemini, it’s not in my personality to pass up a challenge to make up a post about rutabagas.  I mean, just the word itself is intriguing, is it not?  Certainly, not an everyday kind of word, that’s for sure.  And, I did say that I write about random things, didn’t I?  In sticking with that theme, it was then decided that I would write about rutabagas, and so here I am.

Now, most of us know that rutabagas are, in fact, a vegetable.  And, I dare say that I actually remember tasting one before, though it would have been decades ago now.  (Probably one of my mom’s attempts at introducing us to another vegetable that we disliked.). Actually, I do vaguely recall that it was turnip-like in nature and given its name, I would guess that the ‘rut’ in rutabaga stands for the fact that it is a root-type vegetable. It sounds like a very plausible word derivative explanation, does it not?  Of course, when typed into the good ol’ Google bar, it doesn’t take long for Wikipedia to bring up an instant picture and definition, as is included in the insert below, taken from the snapshot of my I-Phone.


And, so there you have it, Chris….a blog, in part, about rutabagas.  Do I have anything more intelligent to say on the topic?  Well, no…not exactly.  But, I can tell you that after our rutabaga talk last night, we did get into a much more interesting discussion-one that answers the likely question of, ‘Why Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are mentioned along with the topic of rutabagas?’  In truth?  One has nothing to do with the other, unless it just so happens that they both eat or have tried rutabagas.  Maybe so?  I don’t know.  I mean, Goldie Hawn could be the earthy kind of gal who is all into root vegetables, for all we know, but I would be really hazarding a guess on that one.  What I can tell you for sure, however, is that both Kurt and Goldie appear to like golf.  And, no, this is not something that I recently read in, ‘The Enquirer’ or saw on, ‘Entertainment Tonight’….neither of which form of media I care anything about, by the way.

In fact, my brother-in-law was at his vacation home in Palm Springs recently, having had the unique opportunity to play at one of the most prestigious, private golf resorts in the area, thanks to a few local connections.  While, queueing up at the course, a friend pointed out to Chris a couple who was playing golf just in front of them, and, well, I am sure that you can now deduce who they were.  Yes, indeed….the longtime Hollywood couple themselves.  Kurt sporting his same beard & hair looking like he did in the movie, ‘The Hateful Eight’ apparently, and Goldie dressed in Lulu Lemon pants sans the make-up she usually dons…both looking their ages, 65 and 70 respectively, which means the rest of us are getting older too.  (Yikes!)  Regardless, it was a neat experience to say the least, and we joked that Chris could help to hook up my blog with a few celebrity followings.  So, Kurt & Goldie, if you are reading this…my husband and I have a great deal of respect for the longevity of your relationship, and if you happen to have a comment about rutabagas, we would greatly appreciate hearing it.

As for the jelly roll link to this whole thing, it is simply the gluten-free Cake that I decided to make to adorn the end of our meal.  Something I’ve never made before, but was more than happy to entertain baking.  To look at the state of our kitchen during and after the fact, you would never guess the roll to look this pretty, but here it is…plastic wrapped and all.image

I guess, the only thing that remains in this blog is the all-mighty question that I will pose to my brother-in-law, for whom this whole blog was intended.

So…’Which do you like better, Chris?  Rutabagas or chocolate jelly roll?’  Of course, if Kurt and/or Goldie would care to chime in on that one, that would be great too!   Look forward to hearing from you both….oh, and you too, Chris.

8 thoughts on “Rutabagas, Wine, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and a Jelly Roll

  1. Skippy

    Can’t say if I’ve ever eaten a rutabaga. I’m guessing that if it tastes like a turnip, then it is not one of my favourites. Even if I did like the veggie, I would still pick the jelly roll.

    Truth be told, my favourite was seeing Goldie in the lulu lemon pants!


    1. Thanks for the jelly roll vote! And, I guess I can’t blame you for the vote for Goldie too. Now, all I ask is that you start calling some favours regarding your celeb friends….and get me the biggest following EVER!!!


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  3. Disclaimer: I am not Goldie Hawn or Kurt Russel, but I would like to weigh in, if I may:

    Rutabagas are a staple food in Norway. We use it quite often mashed, like in the recipe above (I use butter, cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg in mine) and we use it with just about anything. To salted meats its a must. To dinner sausages it’s a must. As a side for X-mas dinner it is a definate must (for us from the west-coast of Norway at least). We also put it in stews and soups.

    The brits call them Swedes, which I find hillarious (we have a lil friendly banter going on between Norway and Sweden), and I would call them Kålrabi or Kålrot. It has also been referred to as “the orange of the north” as it contains a significant amount of vitamin C – which is something us northerners appreciates 🙂 The name Rutabaga as americans use comes from old Swedish Rotabagga (rot = root and bagge = short, stump object)

    The rutabaga is actually a cross between a turnip and cabbage. I absolutely love it!

    Wishing you a great day, and sorry for not being Goldie or Kurt 🙂

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