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Minor Hockey Fun



The minor hockey league isn’t so minor…speaking from the outside looking in, at least.  I am NOT a hockey mom, or coach, or fundraiser, but I am a hockey aunt who truly enjoys watching her nephew play.  Aside from his games, however, I’ve never had much interest in hockey, be it watching or playing.  But, of what little I know about organized sports nowadays, it seems to have evolved into a whole other entity from when I was younger.  In my day, there seemed to be only a few families that we knew of who could afford extra-curricular sports, as most of the rest of us undertook hockey/skating in a more leisurely manner.  Because of that, maybe I didn’t know what all went on in a hockey arena, but from what I hear from friends who are hockey moms, organized hockey is definitely a culture unto itself. I’d like to take a look at this culture in this post knowing full-well and outright, as already prefaced, that I am simply writing as an onlooker to the whole situation, so please do not shoot the messenger.  It just so happens that I am intrigued by some of the parts that I see that make up this modern-day, all-too-popular part of family life in Canada. Read More…

Left-hand Turns

Who knew that such a basic driving topic could have so many associations?  Certainly not me, but as time has gone on making left turns seems to be worthy of some attention.

For example, I know of a very good friend of mine who REFUSES to make left-hand turns across traffic, unless no other route can be determined.  When I first heard that, I wondered how that could be possible?!  I mean, how could one accomplish day-to-day driving from point A to point B without making a left-hand turn?  But, she assures me that it can be done, and she has done it many, many times a day, in fact.  Of course, it takes up to three right-hand turns to make the same route as one left-hand turn would make. Knowing how frustrating traffic can be at the best of times these days, I can’t imagine going through all of that trouble, but I guess ‘a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta’ right?  To answer the obviously looming question of why one would go through all of that hassle just to avoid left turns becomes easily explainable when you Read More…


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