Saturday Night TV

imageTwenty years ago, I wouldn’t have found myself daring to be at home on a Saturday night, let alone sitting in a rocking chair, all blanketed up, flipping aimlessly through all of the useless channels on TV.  Instead, I would have just been getting ready for a night on the town, but that’s a whole other post.  The point is, here I am…. and now, I have resorted to watching one of the few movies saved on our PVR, albeit the tenth time I’ve probably seen it.  Which one you ask?  Blood Diamond with Leo Dicaprio.   Not exactly light fodder for pre-bedtime relaxation, but good acting, at least, which is more than I can say of the pathetic Canadian litany of pre-Christmas movies on the Lifetime Channel.  (No offence intended, as I am a very proud Canadian…just not maybe super proud of the programming we tend to be associated with).  Those Lifetime movies ring a bell with any of you?  You know, the same cast of actors/actresses with the same cheesy romance plot of finding one’s true love in their old hometown, or in the Christmas tree lot?!  Such heart-warming, unpredictable story lines (sarcasm, in case you can’t tell) that repeating them on four channels on the hour, every hour, seemed necessary.  Actually, the fact that I know that, is a bit telling, but I digress.

Speaking of Christmas programming, I never thought I would wish for the good ‘ol fire log to come back on TV after its month and a half long debut seemingly just ended for another year, but I think there’s something to be said about the four logs, their flame, the log turner guy & his poker stick.  Sad to say, but my husband & I tuned in to the Christmas logs more often than not, even relied on them at times, due to the lack of interesting TV shows, as first stated.  Our only complaint with the logs being the square log on the right-hand side that never seemed to belong.  Is that what our $80 a month cable bill affords us?  Really?!  Firelog watching?  While I hate to age myself further, and risk sounding like my parents, it really is disappointing that ‘the one night a week you would like to watch something decent, nothing is on’.

And, so the beginning of my blog entries…a chance to jibber jabber about an everyday, somewhat useless topic that maybe, just maybe, you can relate to.












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